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The Japanese living art of Bonsai (tray planting) originated in China, and was introduced to Japan during the Kamakura period by Buddhist monks. Bonsaido (bonsai gardeners) don't simply grow small plants, they seek to express a balance of shape, scale, proportion and harmony. The books on this shelf are a good introduction to this art form, but the best way to experience bonsai is in-person -- look for a show near you!

The Art of Bonsai: Creation, Care and Enjoyment by Yuji Yoshimura, Giovanna M. Halford Paperback
220 pages

The Art of Bonsai Design by Colin Lewis Hardcover
160 pages

The Art of Flowering Bonsai by Peter D. Adams Hardcover
128 pages

The Art of Natural Bonsai: Replicating Nature's Beauty by David Joyce Paperback
288 pages

Beautiful Bonsai by Bruno Delmer Hardcover
160 pages

The Beginner's Guide to American Bonsai by Jerald P. Stowell, Kyuzo Murata Paperback

Beginning Bonsai: The Gentle Art of Miniature Tree Growing by Shirley Student, Larry Student Paperback

Bonsai by Susan Lang Paperback
128 pages

Bonsai (101 Essential Tips) by Harry Tomlinson Paperback
72 pages

Bonsai (Rd Home Handbooks) by Harry Tomlinson (Editor) Paperback
216 pages
Describes the origins, development, and basic principles of bonsai and offers precise instructions for each of the 15 classic bonsai styles. Includes some 400 color photographs, a dictionary of trees and shrubs for bonsai, and a glossary.

Bonsai: A Care Manual by Colin Lewis Paperback
128 pages
Clear, authoritative text and superb step-by-step illustrations and photographs guide you through all aspects of bonsai care.

Bonsai: Its Art, Science, History and Philosophy by Deborah R. Koreshoff Paperback
255 pages

Bonsai: Nature in Miniature by Kyuzo Murata Hardcover
128 pages

Bonsai: The Complete Guide to Art and Technique by Paul Lesniewicz Paperback
192 pages

Bonsai Basics: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing, Training & General Care by Remy Samson, Christian Pessey Paperback

Bonsai for Beginners by Craig Coussins Hardcover
128 pages
Illustrated with the author's own photographs of internationally popular varieties, there are also case studies that take you through important techniques.

Bonsai: Grow Your Own Bonsai from Cuttings, Seeds, and Saplings by Werner M. Busch Paperback
144 pages
Highlights more than 30 native species of deciduous trees, shrubs, and conifers and explains the necessary elements of growing and shaping them.

Bonsai in Your Home: An Indoor Grower's Guide by Paul Lesniewicz Paperback
208 pages

Bonsai Landscapes by Peter Adams, Bill Jordan (Photographer) Hardcover
128 pages
"All in color! Think of Bonsai as a way to make living miniatures of your favorite landscapes. Shape your own tiny mountain ranges, rain forests, deserts, or meadows, using ordinary materials and these simple plans. Start by choosing the kinds of plants you want to sculpt, and follow the instructions for pre-working them to meet your requirements of size and shape. Gain your inspiration from the breathtaking color photos of classic landscapes, or let your imagination be your guide."

Bonsai Master Class by Craig Coussins Hardcover
256 pages
Covers basic and advanced techniques with illustrated, step-by-step photographs taken over months.

Bonsai Miniatures: Quick and Easy by Zeko Nakamura Paperback

Bonsai School: The Complete Course in Care, Training & Maintenance by Craig Coussins Paperback
256 pages

Bonsai: Step-By-Step to Growing Success (Crowood Gardening Guides) by Dave Pike Paperback

Bonsai Survival Manual: Tree-by-Tree Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Problem Solving by Colin Lewis Paperback
160 pages
Covers over 50 varieties of plants and trees which can be cultivated into captivating miniatures.

Bonsai: The Art of Growing and Keeping Miniature Trees by Peter Chan Hardcover
174 pages

Bonsai Survival Manual: Tree-By-Tree Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Problem Solving by Colin Lewis Paperback
160 pages
Advice on evaluating and selecting plants, assessing plant health, and troubleshooting. Covers over 50 varieties of plants and trees which can be cultivated into captivating miniatures.

Bonsai - The Art of Living Sculpture by Jack Douthitt Hardcover
144 pages
Featured are photographs from the most highly-regarded bonsai artists throughout the world. The bonsai photographed are not only the most popular pine, juniper, elm, and boxwood, but also the more exotic or colorful rhododendron, crabapple, wisteria, and bougainvillea. A useful reference section provides a list of public bonsai collections worlds.

Bonsai With American Trees by Masakuni Kawasumi, Masakumi Kawasumi Paperback
131 pages

Bonsai with Japanese Maples by Peter Adams Hardcover
156 pages
Adams discusses both the specific horticultural needs of Japanese maples as bonsai subjects and illustrates proven techniques for creating and maintaining beautiful specimens. Although aimed at an audience that has some familiarity with bonsai techniques, the book shows a mix of bonsai at different stages in their training, so that less experienced enthusiasts can gain new ideas and inspiration from trees that are "works in progress."

Bonsai (Thriving Bonsai) DVD
70 minutes
Content: an introduction, the physiology of trees and bonsai, bonsai history, bonsai pots and tools, and videos that explain each of the forming techniques such as placing, wintering, watering, cleaning, repotting, feeding, trimming and wiring bonsai.

The Bonsai Workshop by Herb L. Gustafson Paperback
128 pages

Classic Bonsai of Japan by John Bester Hardcover
188 pages
Oversize book features over 200 high-quality color and black-and-white photos of classic bonsai selected from a 12-volume series published in Japanese for specialist growers. The photos illustrate bonsai of various ages, including examples that are hundreds of years old.

Creating Bonsai Landscapes: 18 Miniature Garden Projects by Su Chin Ee Paperback
128 pages
25 miniature landscapes. Each landscape is presented in project form, with advice on how to select suitable plants, plant and position them. Each project is illustrated with a color photograph of the completed landscape, cross-section drawings to show how the landscape is put together, and advice on choosing the equipment and materials for creating special features. Tips on construction techniques and shortcuts, and a visual materials list of required items.

Essentials of Bonsai by Shofunotomo Editors, Donald Richie Hardcover
108 pages

Four Seasons of Bonsai by Kate McCandless, Kyuzo Murata Hardcover

Herbal Bonsai: Practicing the Art With Fast-Growing Herbs by Richard W. Bender Paperback
112 pages

Indoor Bonsai by Paul Lesniewicz Paperback
208 pages
One of the world's recognized experts on bonsai explains everything the indoor gardener needs to know about cultivating these living works of art.

Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: Selection, Care, Training by Werner M. Busch, Andrew Wilson (Translator) Paperback
112 pages

Keep Your Bonsai Alive and Well by Herb L. Gustafson Paperback
96 pages
Answers to commonly asked care and maintenance questions: watering, weeding, seasonal care, repotting, how to control pests and diseases, and more.Checklists for tasks to be done in each season; and for over 150 species from Abelia to Ziziphus a convenient chart provides information on the soil requirements, pruning techniques, sunlight tolerance, whether it's an indoor or outdoor plant, and the most common pests it attracts. Plus, treating bonsai in emergency situations.

Keep Your Bonsai Perfectly Shaped by Herb L. Gustafson Paperback
96 pages

The Living Art of Bonsai: Principles & Techniques of Cultivation & Propagation by Amy Liang Paperback
288 pages
Cultivating bonsai is a fine art, and this extravagantly produced volume, filled with hundreds upon hundreds of lavish full-color photographs, showcases the very best and most beautiful specimens. Many of the trees have won international awards, were gifts bestowed by heads of state, and have been featured in TV documentaries. Some have even been the subjects of a commemorative stamp series!

Making Bonsai Landscapes: The Art of Saikei by Herb L. Gustafson Paperback
192 pages

Masters' Book of Bonsai by Nobukichi Koide Paperback

Miniature Bonsai by Herb L. Gustafson Paperback
192 pages

Practical Bonsai by Ken Norman Paperback
96 pages

The Secret Techniques of Bonsai: A Guide to Starting, Raising, and Shaping Bonsai by Masakuni Kawasumi Hardcover
112 pages

Simon and Schuster's Guide to Bonsai (Nature Guide Series) by Gianfranco Giorgi, Victoria Jahn (Editor) Paperback
255 pages

Successful Bonsai Growing by Peter D. Adams Paperback
96 pages

Totally Bonsai: A Guide to Growing, Shaping, and Caring for Miniature Trees and Shrubs by Craig Coussins Hardcover
128 pages

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