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Butterfly - Lynn Cullivan

Issue #14 Publication Date: 8/1/2015 (Next Issue 8/16/2015)

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Positions: O-Hayo
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Corporate Consultant/English Instructor.
Part-time. 3700yen/hour. Facilitate daytime business communication classes. Teaching location Shiga area. Proper visa, native English speaker, university degree, and experience teaching business communication classes in a corporate environment required. Business background/experience, TEFL/TESL qualification, and have lived in Japan for 12 months or longer preferred. APPLICANT MUST CURRENTLY RESIDE IN OR AROUND KYOTO OR SHIGA. Transportation allowance, paid pre-course orientation (including transportation), and contract completion bonus. Apply by e-mail with CV/resume, and availability. ALC Education Inc. Japan.

Full-time, 40 working hours/week, Tue-Sat. 280,000-320,00. (Part-time available at 2500yen/hour). "We teach English through a method called Project-Based Learning. We also focus on hands-on education, and do many sensory activities in class. All of our classes are taught by two teachers (we do team-teaching), so we are looking for part-time teachers who can be the second teacher to work alongside one of our full-time teachers." Materials and lesson plans provided. Teaching location Tokyo: Jiyugaoka, Seijogakuenmae, and Higashi-Nihonbashi. Proper visa, and native-level English speaker required. Experience teaching English to children, and JLPT 4 Japanese ability preferred. APPLICANT MUST CURRENTLY RESIDE IN JAPAN. Will renew visa. Transportation allowance, training, and paid leave/moving stipend available for full-time teachers. Renewable contract through February, 2016. Position begins ASAP. Apply by e-mail with CV/resume, and availability. GnoKids. Japan.

English Language Trainer.
Full-time, 35 teaching/class hours/week. Instruct adult learners in General English, Cambridge (PET, FCE), IELTS, and some company classes for INAC Women's Football team and others. Teaching location Motomachi Station, Kobe. Native English speaker, BA, and TESL/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification required. Proper visa, and teaching experience in Japan preferred. SCHOOL PREFERS THAT APPLICANT CURRENTLY RESIDE IN KOBE/OSAKA AREA. Sponsorship available. Accommodation: "we are happy to assist with accommodation as required." Paid holidays, transportation allowance, and health insurance. One-year renewable contract. Application deadline ASAP. Position begins ASAP. Apply by e-mail or in-person with CV/resume, letter of introduction, and Skype address. Contact Mio Nakata. Lexis Japan. 9F, MitsubishiUFJ Shintaku Ginko Building, 36 Nishimachi, Chuo-Ku, Kobe-Shi, Japan.

Preschool Homeroom Teacher.
Full-time, 25 teaching/class hours/week, M-F, 9:00-2:00. 200,000yen/month. Teach preschool students ages 2.5-5 years phonics, numbers, songs, sciences, manners, reading, and crafts. Teaching location Honmokuhara, Nakaku, Yokohama. Native English speaker, BA/BS (Education related majors preferred), two years experience teaching young students, and classroom management skills required. Teaching license, experience teaching at international schools, Montessori/IB diploma/early childhood education qualification, Japanese speaking ability, and basic computer skills preferred. APPLICANT MUST CURRENTLY RESIDE IN JAPAN. Will sponsor or renew visa. Paid holidays, transportation allowance, paid vacation, health insurance, and training. One-year renewable contract. Application deadline August 7, 2015. Position begins: August 31, 2015. Apply by e-mail or online with CV/resume, diploma(s), letter of introduction, essay, photo, teaching certification(s), letters of recommendation, availability, and Skype address. Contact Monica Kim. Little Brown International Preschool. 231-0821, 2F Muralahonmoku, 1-4 Honmokuhara, Nakaku, Yokohama, Japan.

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Employment Wanted -- Teaching, Language, English
Traditional Japanese Crafts

Articles For Sale
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Employment Services
Looking For Part-Time Private Students In Japan? Do you want to spend your free time meaningfully while you are in Japan? So have you already registered on hello-sensei? Pick your own lesson fee, schedule and location and then students will directly contact you! Lessons will be held at cafe, student's place, teacher's place, etc. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to create your new teaching profile. <Available languages> English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Burmese and Arabic. <Available areas> Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Sendai, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Okinawa and all over Japan. Register now! Hello-Sensei.

Employment Wanted -- Teaching, Language, English
Experienced American teaching EFL in Italy, Austria and now in Japan; also trained teachers for the "inlingua" language school chain, the biggest in Europe, including programs on specialized business courses - English for presentations, meetings, banking, insurance, telephoning etc. extensive translation work; working in Japan since 2004. Working in Japan since 2004, 7 years in Sendai, and in Shikoku three years now. Permanent resident in Japan. Love children. Experience with toddlers as well. Available immediately. E-mail.

Traditional Japanese Crafts
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